Junior Boys

The Connector.

Earlier this year Big Black Coat, the band’s 5th album, marked the bands critically acclaimed return with it’s lead single 'Big Black Coat', a decidedly wintry track that sees them embracing their love of techno while simultaneously refining their soul pop sensibilities. Fusing disco and soul with the industrial pop and techno makes their DJ sets and live shows strikingly energized and intuitively dynamic. It's the sound of Junior Boys both cutting loose and reconnecting!


The Connector.

Tacoma-to-New York transplant Brad Oberhofer left his latest mark with the widely regarded release of his album Chronovision on Glassnote. A genius songwriter who accelerates through his eclectic live performances that merge brilliant, bright moments with darker, deeper hues. Oberhofer is amped psych-pop with orchestral flourish, New Wave flare, and grungy fuzz that leaves you yearning for more, all the time.


The Collector.

Awesome Tapes From Africa has been shedding light on obscure and wonderful sounds from across the continent, blending folkloric pop, left-field dancefloor gems and hip-hop bangers he's collected on African marketplace finds. His DJ sets on twin tape decks celebrate the music and musicians whose cassettes Shimkovitz has collected and explore deep, regional sounds using analog-anchored agility not heard/seen anywhere else.



The Distinct.

The Brooklyn based producer with a distinctive hybrid of house, electronica, soul and R&B is swiftly becoming synonymous with emotive, soul-enriched electronic music. The beautifully evocative and brilliantly titled ‘If U Were Here, I’d Be Home Now’ serves as a fine example of Clifton’s hyper-detailed and accessible approach to electronic songcraft. We agree with Earmilk, “One of the most exciting electronic artists to watch in 2016.”

Occupy The Disco (OXD) is the New York-based DJ collective of Tad Haes, DJ RuBot, and Josh Appelbaum. The group started in 2011 with the mission to re-connect New York's LGBTQ community with the ever evolving underground dance music culture as well as celebrate the rich musical history within the gay community. OXD's musical repertoire spans from techno to disco; they have an appreciation for the past with an eye towards the future.