Junior Boys

The Shapeshifters

Kings of any genre you can think up, Junior Boys returned after an extended hiatus with arguably their best release yet, Big Black Coat. Seamlessly integrating everything from Detroit techno to the intelligent funk of mid-1980’s Prince, their return is as soulfully passionate as it is dynamic and energizing. The marriage of soul, disco, and industrial pop makes a Junior Boys live show unmissable - they’re cutting loose, reconnecting, and ready to make you move.  


The Moment Maker

A perfectionist's perfectionist, Brad Oberhofer’s latest release Chronovision, is named for a highly concentrated dose of pure memory. It’s unsurprising then, that his eclectic live performances are colored with brilliant, bright bursts of unbridled joy, perfectly balanced with the deeper rhythms and musings of a musical genius. Just like the memory you can never forget, Oberhofer’s blend of psych-pop tinged with orchestral flourishes, New Wave flare, and grungy fuzz leaves you constantly longing for more. 


The Collector

What started as a blog highlighting hidden gems uncovered in African marketplaces has evolved into a wholly unique record label and lucrative DJing career for Awesome Tapes From Africa. He mixes the most bombastic folkloric pop, leftfield dancefloor gems and hip-hop bangers on twin tape decks to celebrate the continent’s music and musicians and explore regional sounds not seen or heard anywhere else. This is analog-anchored agility that has the power to change the way you think about world music – and your new favorite artist might just be on cassette. 



The Curator

‘Bliss’. ‘Like floating through clouds’. ‘Something that should be used on Cosmos’. If the reviews don’t make it obvious, let’s be clear – listening to Conrad Clifton will have you feeling lifted. His distinctive hybrid of house, electronica, soul and R&B is unmistakably evocative without losing its trippy lightness. This is electronic songcraft made with skill, joy, and accessibility in every beat. Make time for what Earmilk calls ‘One of the most exciting electronic artists to watch in 2016”. 


The Bilingualist

Yaeji is Kathy Yaeji Lee, a 22-year-old pop producer who splits her time between New York and South Korea. "New York 93" is her first official release – a woozy track sung both in English and Korean that explores the contours of her own half-remembered identity, and the sense of isolation one can feel when living in a big city. Yaeji joined the GODMODE roster in 2016 alongside Shamir, Malory, Yvette – "the most eclectic and exciting label NYC has thrown up since DFA Records," according to NME.

It’s time all of New York gets to experience the passion of a set by Occupy The Disco (OXD). Founded in 2011, the New York-based DJ collective of Tad Haes, DJ RuBot, and Josh Appelbaum sought to re-connect the city’s huge and diverse LGBTQ community with an ever evolving underground dance music scene. Their bold repertoire of  dance floor essentials celebrate the rich musical history within the gay community, and they can be found creating moments and masterpieces from Le Bain to the Fire Island Pines’ Pavilion and everywhere in between. OXD's musical repertoire spans from techno to disco; they have an appreciation for the past with an eye towards the future.


The Uniters