gilbane peck

The Sustainer.

Gilbane Peck is a sculptor, collage artist, and photographer with a current focus in creating simple, sustainable mixed- media sculpture. The core backbone of Peck’s work revolves around making art that will inspire and challenge the viewer to contemplate the things we leave behind in this life, and how we treat our environment along the way. His recent collage works and sculptures are made solely out of what other people have discarded and miscellaneous debris from the streets of NYC. Peck’s hope with his body of work is to continue inspiring others to incorporate sustainable values into in their own lives and passions.

hot tea

The Bomber.

Tacoma-to-New York transplant Brad Oberhofer left his latest mark with the widely regarded release of his album Chronovision on Glassnote. A genius songwriter who accelerates through his eclectic live performances that merge brilliant, bright moments with darker, deeper hues. Oberhofer is amped psych-pop with orchestral flourish, New Wave flare, and grungy fuzz that leaves you yearning for more, all the time.