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Food at Variance

Festivals and Food go hand-in-hand.  We’re excited to announce our partnership with Khing Jai (of Bamboo Bites, …) in creating custom Variance dishes for you.  


For each menu item, we’ve explored the cultural influences of a few of our music artists.  Like Awesome Tapes From Africa?  Well you’ll love Awesome Tacos From Africa - African-inspired tacos for your mouthwatering pleasure.  Oberhofer’s Oberhaus features brats and vegan sausages, and Yaeji-isnpired New York ‘93  features an array of Asian-inspired dishes served up in bamboo boats. All stations serve vegetarian and non-vegetarian options which are served sustainable, are made with organic ingredients.   

To go along with these delicious meals, refresh yourselves via our partners Sixpoint, Segura Viudas Cava, Vita Coco, Revive Kombucha, Red Bull, or good ‘ole fashioned H2O.

Get ready for some exceptional culinary creations - and we look forward to feasting with you on August 6!

Allow us to introduce ourselves.....

Conrad Clifton on stage (2015)

Conrad Clifton on stage (2015)

What’s Variance all about anyway? 


This is a good place to start, since it is year one! Variance is born out of the desire to build a creative platform that is diverse, eclectic, and cross-cultural, bringing together the best in music, media, and sustainable technologies. We wanted to give the people of New York a chance to party with the artists they love, and introduce the best new talent they hadn’t heard of yet. That means a highly-curated all-day event, held in beautiful tree-lined grounds, designed to refresh all of your senses and give you the perfect summer’s day. Sounds pretty good, right?


Which artists can I look forward to hearing? Anything special?


You bet. We don’t call it “your perfect live summer mixtape” for nothing. We’ve taken everything we love about the music scene –the opportunity to explore, discover, and make new friends - and called on talented musicians, producers, visual artists and chefs to create an epic, unforgettable day.  Amazing talent like the electronic pop producers, Junior Boys, joined the line-up early on.  Oberhofer is bringing their alt-synth “guy about town” vibe to our stage as well, and if you haven’t checked out Conrad Clifton yet, you’re in for a treat. He’s bringing some of the most vibrant electronica being produced right now.  Come check out Awesome Tapes From Africa as he mixes regional sounds from Africa and changes the way you think about world music.  Discowoman co-founder Umfang is joining the mix with her playful technoscapes. Get down to the bold electro sounds of the band Body Language, and let Yaeji hypnotize you with her vocal tracks. Or come for Occupy the Disco as they throw down dance floor essentials ranging from techno to disco.  These artists are just the beginning, too. There’s so much to discover! Check the full line up at


That’s the music covered – what’s this about visual artists?


Art at Variance is about so much more than incredible installations – we specifically sought out artists who create work that connects with their environment, fusing a grand vision with found and recycled materials wherever possible.  Pneuhaus’s impressive inflatable installations will usher you onto the festival grounds while What Will You Leave Behind will make festival goers part of his real time collage art experience.  Come check out NODUS’s seamless integration of digital development and prototyping to create one-of-a-kind woodwork while Crochet Butter is coming into the mix to tag anything from the fences to the stage to the bar with graffiti in yarn and light.


Is sustainability a big deal to Variance?


Oh, did we not mention Variance is being run on solar power?  We searched hours for a solar panel provider to ensure our message of sustainability. That green approach underlines everything we do, and we’re working with GrowNYC to meet best standards in recycling as well as using biodegradable materials – helping us to leave a positive trace behind!


All these good vibes are making me hungry, what will we be noshing on?


Our commitment to total curation extends to the cuisine. We chose to work with catering company Khing Jai, owner of food truck hits like Bamboo Bites, to help us design a menu just for you, featuring artist-inspired dishes reflecting their cultural influences, whether that be Korean, French-Canadian, African, or American.


I don’t want the day to end!


Neither do we! Better join us at House of Yes as we keep the party going for the full dance experience, highlighting many of the local DJ crews we love with a very special guests we’ll be announcing soon. We’re taking this celebration all the way through to sun-up!


Let’s Dance!