Walk around with us...



As you enter the festival grounds, you’ll pass through an incredible prismatic installation from our friends at Pneuhaus.  If you show up early enough, you can be photographed and be part of the living media collage being pulled together by What Will You Leave Behind.  The best part of the collage is if you’ve participated, you’ll be able to take your piece home with you.  Crochet much?  Our friend CrochetButter has bombed the site for your viewing pleasure.  And look out for the reclaimed wood masterpieces by Nodus, some of which will be lining our festival stage.  


Join Tim Shilstone’s Dreamscape space to learn more about mindfulness on the path to achieving your dreams.  Tim’s dedicated his path in life to helping others, so you won’t want to miss connecting with him.  At 3PM, Yoga To The People’s Peggy Lin will be doing a special Variance yoga session during the Conrad Clifton and Body Language sets - yeah, we’d take that class.  Once you’re done, stop by the MOVE tent, where you can learn more about what the nightlife community is doing to drive social good and why that matters.


In between sets, you’ve got to stop by our official media partner Mixmag’s pop-up record shop powered by Independent Grand.  And if you’re into fashion - which we know you are - drop by DACOIT London’s male/female pop-up shop featuring custom designs.  


We’re very excited to have Amika onsite, providing custom Variance braiding and blowout styles if it’s been a long day or you simply want to freshen up before the official afterparty at House of Yes.  What’s that?  Glitter and Body Paint?  Catch our partners All That Glitters, Jaskela Body Art, and TrotterArt to enhance your aesthetics even further.  Because hey - Variance is all about discovery and diversity - give it a try if you haven’t already.  


A huge shout out to Khing Jai for pulling together custom Variance dishes we featured in our last post.  We’re also incredibly excited to have Sixpoint sponsoring the beer with the delicious Crisp and Jammer options.  Like bubbly?  Segura Viudas Cava and Rose Cava will tingle the senses.  House of Yes has been kind enough to bring along their famous slushy machines to create rose sangria slushies (while supplies last!).  Need a break from the booze?  Vita Coco is here to rehydrate you.  Or perhaps you like Kombucha?  Check out Revive Kombucha’s stand and see what they’re all about.  Or maybe you need some Red Bull wings?  They’ll be here too and have brought in a load of carved out pineapples for some Red Bull pineapple cocktails.  


And then there’s the music line-up…